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Dr. Macai

Dr. John Macai
Certified Mold Inspector


Located in Clawson we test indoor air quality in home and office, southeast MI


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Air quality testing service: Certified, accurate, ethical, experienced. We interpret the test and tell you how to control and improve the indoor air quality.

Unbiased test results and free from conflict of interest - no engagement in mold remediation.

An air quality test determines the indoor air pollution level and specifies the types of mold and other air particles in the environment.

The indoor air quality has effects on health including asthma and allergies, testing air quality in home and office can help prevent disease.

Test samples are collected on site, work is done in nationally certified laboratory and results are double checked by two different technicians to ensure accuracy. Detailed lab reports.

Standard air test results are delivered within 4 business days, cultures take 7 days.

We also provide surface mold testing and mold inspections. Packaging these services = Savings.


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